analisis tulisan dan tanda tangan saya

Personality Description

To begin the analysis, the subject's handwriting shows some rigidity and tautness, as if the forward movement of the pen has been carefully restrained. This indicates a somewhat more conformist and conventional personality than the average. The subject leans more to the conventional in dress and behaviour.

The light pressure used to write the sample indicates that the subject is somewhat below average in activity. She prefers to avoid situations which demand exertion for more than a short period. She prefers to go at her own pace, appearing to lack enthusiasm as a result. However, the subject's tolerance for set-backs and frustrations shows that this is not necessarily a negative trait.

The subject has a signature that is larger than 85% of the population. She sees herself in a relative position of power and responsibility, with greater feelings of self-importance and worth.
The large signature also ties in with the assertive nature of the subject. The subject is confident in her approach to life. (See below for a full description of the subject's assertive personality).

The signature is written quite illegibly indicating some sense of superiority. Writers who scrawl their signature are saying that the reader of the document should know who they are, without having to actually be able to read the words. She is also conveying the impression that she is working at high speed under pressure, and this is all of her valuable time that she can spend on the issue.

Certain embellishments within the handwriting indicate a high level of worldliness, or sophistication. The subject has a strong desire to appear shrewd, sophisticated or poised.
Although extraverted and outgoing, she is somewhat emotionally detached from her social encounters, and may be superficial in personal relationships. She is probably manipulative and quick to exploit social contacts which have been developed by means of her extravert behaviour.

There are a significant number of signs of aggression throughout the handwriting. These characteristics point to a substantially aggressive personality.
Aggression can take two forms: direct, or indirect.
When the subject uses open aggression it will take the form of angry arguments, with outbursts of temper .
When aggression is expressed indirectly, the subject will feel a strong need for revenge if slighted. She will probably harbour a grudge, and wait for the appropriate moment to get her own back.

The handwriting shows expansiveness, and this use of space is linked with an extravert personality.
The subject has an above average physical and mental need for space around her and hates to be confined. When writing, this hunger for space reveals itself in a desire to cover as much paper as possible with her letters and words.
Expansiveness is also the cornerstone of her social relationships. She prefers company, such as a noisy party, rather than being left alone to watch television or read a book. She probably has many friendships, but all maintained at a fairly superficial level.
She prefers more excitement and risk than the average person, taking life lightly as a result. She probably appears impulsive, blurting out remarks without thinking first, buying goods on impulse, and making major decisions about her life on the whim of the moment. She could be easily bored and often yearns for change and variety. She is likely to freely express her feelings and moods, even if she tries to cover them up. She is not too concerned by some disorder and lack of control, and may even become bored if there is too much order in her life.

The comparative height of the capital letters to the 'ascenders' in the script indicates that the subject has a mildly assertive personality. In conjunction with a large signature this means that she will be more confident and dominant in relationships and can find it relatively easy to strike up conversation with strangers.
She is likely to speak out forthrightly and can defend herself quite well if under attack. In a quarrel she could argue quite openly to defend her rights. She is more likely to complain about shoddy goods or poor service.
She will also make a good host and can liven up a party.
She would make a good leader, but may be intolerant of other people if their views clash with her own. She prefers to be taken seriously and may become irritated if she is not.

The handwriting shows a few signs of a perfectionist personality. The subject may seem somewhat more orderly and methodical than the average person, perhaps being a little over-concerned with small details and fussy about trivial matters.
She will prefer to abide by the law, and perhaps appear more reliable and conscientious. She may also be undecided about the best course of action to take, and appear to have a number of self-doubts.

A number of artful simplifications in the handwriting show that the subject has an above average intelligence. She will be able to tackle a more intellectually demanding career than the average person.

Emotionally, the subject may have a tendency to worry more than the average person, perhaps appearing somewhat nervous and excitable. She may not only worry about everyday problems, but over extreme and unlikely events.
In addition, she may experience greater guilt than other people, is more prone to depression, and may sometimes appear to be unhappy as a result. Her sleep may be interrupted and, with poor concentration, and she may appear somewhat forgetful.
These emotional reactions may interfere with her judgements and responses in everyday life. Her responses to situations may become rigid, and she will develop a particular way of doing things, even if the response is inappropriate. Problems may be avoided rather than confronted. This could be a mental avoidance, or a physical refusal to attempt certain tasks which may cause anxiety.
In other words, there is a clash between the way the subject thinks she should behave, and the reality of what she actually feels capable of doing. The outward sign of this confusion will probably be an inconsistency in behaviour. For a time she will attempt to regulate every aspect of her life and bottle up emotions and feelings. Then, all at once, this restraint will give rise to excess, during which time little effort will be expended in enforcing control over various aspects of her lifestyle.
The score for aggression indicates that other people may even bare the brunt of these emotional outbursts when they occur.
Becoming aware of these problems may help the subject bring her troubles into a more realistic perspective. She should try to determine the root causes of these emotional difficulties and determine the best way to resolve the most pressing of them. In this way it is hoped that these influences do not have too serious an effect on the writer's life.

Some curtailment in the handwriting indicates that the subject may have trouble giving free vent to her emotions and feelings. Most times her emotional control is total and consistent. She may find it hard to make and maintain close relationships, and may even feel embarrassed when in the company of people who can readily display their emotions.
The contradiction with the aggression score indicates a bottling up of emotions, and, while the subject often appears to remain emotionally in control, anger and aggression may be being held back, only to be released at unpredictable moments. The subject may appear to fly off the handle in inappropriate times, releasing pent-up aggression when least expected.

Because she feels incapable of expressing emotions, the subject will tend to remain calm and cool in situations which may cause others to panic. This is sometimes an advantage, but because she is unable to respond appropriately at times when deep feelings must be expressed, she tends to lack empathy.

There are a few indications in the handwriting that, at the time of writing, the subject was suffering from mild stress. This may be temporary, for example if she was upset, tired, or working against a deadline. However, the subject may be living at an unacceptable level of stress, one which is beginning to affect her physical well being.
These are warning signs in the handwriting, and indicate that the subject should pause and reflect on those aspects of her lifestyle which may be causing long-term difficulties. She should try to reduce them whenever possible, relax more frequently, check her diet, and perhaps take more exercise. Stress can be beneficial, but if allowed to get out of control, it may prove a hazard to mental and physical health.


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