My 10 Favorite Songs

Good afternoon people, its so nice to meet you again after almost months i left this blog. Now, i'm posting the songs i always love to listen. The songs maybe not always be the most played in my playlist, but i'm not bore everytime i listen to this one. Oke, here it is.

1. The Parachutes- Coldplay

Its a beautiful vow !
best lyric : in a haze, a stormy haze i'll be round i'll be loving you always

2. Falling in Love in A Coffe Shop - London Pigg
 Everytime you listen it, you will be a damn shit melancholy
best lyric : "i think that possibly maybe i'm fallin for you"

3. Gravity- Sara Bareilles

For every one that kinda hard to move on
best lyric : "something always brings me back to you,never takes too long"

4. Never Mind Me - Maria Mena
i will use the term, "PHP Victims"
best lyric : "what's the game we're playing?"

5. Lady Antebellum - Cant Take My Eyes Off You
 Its sooooo Meeeeee
best lyric : "This feeling is feeling i never knew"

6. Everything - Michael Buble
 The lovely song along the journey.
best lyric : " and you're the perfect thing to say"

7.  Love of My Life - Queen
such as kind of everlasting songs ever !
best lyric : "when i grow older, i will be there at ur side to remind u how i still love you"

8.  Make You Love Me - Us
Too deep to explain you what is this
best lyric : "i hate to see you cry, but you're the reason why its over"

9.  Edge of Desire - John Mayer
i learn the sincere love from this one
best lyric : " i have to have you now"

10.  Cayman Island - King of Convinience
to calm me down.
best lyric : "I never thought it would be this clear"

Is there you're favorite song ? Let's sing along ! 


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